Bansko, My Love

Bansko ski slope

I am very passionate about skiing, a passion that I discovered very late, at a mature age and that I want to prolong as much as possible.
This year I discovered a wonderful place, where the slopes are so fluffy and white that the skis go alone and you never get tired of skiing.
Every year I went to Prahova Valley, especially to Predeal and Poiana Brasov. I did not dare to look further, I did not feel safe in other countries. I was a great patriot and used to say, like many others, that “I have not yet visited my country enough to go to other places.”
Now I realize that these words of wit are stories to put children to sleep, they are ideas that we have been indoctrinated with since we were little and that we, the middle generations, have a hard time getting rid of.
So, as I said, I decided to go to Bansko, Bulgaria. The road seems long, at first sight, almost 6 hours, but if I think about how long it took me to reach Brasov, on the Prahova Valley in the days when it was very crowded, it seems that the road is not that long, especially since it traffic and wait to move.
We crossed the Calafat-Vidin bridge, the exit and the entrance to the border were made very quickly and without problems for cars (there was a huge queue for trucks over 6 km).
I chose an apartment on Airbnb, a site I’m familiar with and often use. Here you will find great accommodation at unbeatable prices. I found the apartment managed by Simeon and Sergey, a very comfortable apartment with a bedroom and open space living room where you could find absolutely everything you wanted to have a wonderful stay.

When I got to the map with the slopes, I didn’t really know which one to go to first, because they were very, very long and I really wanted to test them all in the 3 days. All the easy ones. Of course I didn’t make it.
The slopes were so long and beautiful, with fresh snow as if it had barely snowed, no garbage, no ice, no dirt. It’s as if we haven’t even seen snow so white and clean. Simply put, the descent was so beautiful and smooth that we forgot where we left off and where we were going to end up, we even forgot what country I was in and, most importantly, we forgot all our worries and daily problems.
If in our country, on Prahova Valley, we spent more time queuing for gondolas or ski lifts, here we spent more time on the slopes. So I really felt like I was skiing, really.
The prices were really quite high, both for the climbs and for the products on the slope. The mulled wine had a forbidden price and was served in a broken cup but had its charm served on the slope, full of pieces of apples and oranges.
Bansko smelled of the winter holidays in February, the atmosphere was fairytale and childhood.
I will gladly return, to continue the parts from where I left them, because I don’t like to leave things unfinished.

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