Flower Dress

rochie cu flori


When we talk about dresses, we definitely talk about women, we talk about sensuality and romance.
The dress is that garment from a woman’s wardrobe that has existed since the beginning of the world and will continue to exist forever.

Because, although the woman has evolved, now she wears pants and jackets, she wears men’s shirts, men’s clothes, oversized T-shirts, she will always return to the dress when she wants to caress, to feel feminine, to feel loved.
Dresses can be of several types: they can be long or short, office dresses, casual or evening dresses, plain or printed. Of course we don’t have to have them all, but one thing is for sure: the flower dress cannot be missing from a woman’s wardrobe.

Regardless of the color, a flower dress, long or short, tight on body or large, will give that note of romance and femininity to our outfit.
The designers have created beautiful models of floral dresses for the year 2022 so we have a choice. Regardless of the occasion or season, we always have opportunities to wear a flowered dress. And because spring is just beginning, maybe it’s time to think about refreshing your wardrobe with this wonderful dress in which you will feel young, strong and loved.

Spring 2022
Spring/Summer 2022



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