The woman – Mistery and Magic

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The woman – Mistery and Magic

This month, as we celebrate Women, I feel like I have to share a secret with you. It is a secret that everyone knows but does not realize it but only remembers about it on certain occasions.
The secret is that woman is the Center of the Universe, everything revolves around her, she makes and breaks, she starts wars and brings peace, she brings life to Earth, she can be an angel or a demon, she can lift you up or bring you down only with power the thought.
From ancient times the woman was glorified, poems were written to her, songs were composed for her. Why do you think a woman has an International Day dedicated to her? Because she is that half of the whole that keeps everything under control, that makes life have meaning and continuity.
Although men rule the world, men are ruled by women. Behind every strong man there is always an even stronger woman.
The woman is brave, always ready to sacrifice for children and partner, she is capable of unconditional and unlimited love.
The woman is beautiful and brings beauty around her. It is joy and fulfillment, with a woman anyone can succeed in life, all that is needed is for the woman to be happy, to feel loved, to be free to dream and create.
All women need to be united and work together to make the world a better place.
Are you coming to change the world?
Yes, you, Extraordinary woman who is reading this article !!!!
Do you think that you are less than that and that you are not playing such an important role on this planet?
Has anyone told you lately how beautiful, extraordinary, spectacular, lovable and special you are?
Has anyone ever told you that you have super powers and especially how to use them?
Did anyone tell you that you deserve to be happy, rich and loved?
I will remind you of all this so that you will never forget it, but more than that, I will reveal it to you.
Do you want to find out? Then keep watching these articles
Together we change the WORLD!

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